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Somebody once said our videos of podcasts were “a waste of video”, as if video was some finite resource in short supply. Anyway here is another one of those wasteful videos. This one is of episode 90 of The Gentleman’s Review and features a cream liqueur and increasingly reddening cheeks.


Episode 75 – Mashed Brain

With Tom in Downton.  Andy learns quickly that Martin’s ‘drink yourself wobbly’ method of podcast preparation leaves a great deal to be desired.

A video version of this podcast can be found at Warning: May contain Michael McIntyre.



Your Call is Important to Us

What happens when a man challenges a call centre? Well, this.


After the Ball Was Over

During our nine hour Comic Relief podcast we had a camcorder mounted on a tripod acting as one of our webcams. To keep the camera switched on we had to keep it recording. This video is of what happened after the broadcast ended. Sorry about the low picture quality.


Vision On

To celebrate reaching their seventieth podcast, Martin and Andy gurn into a camera for your entertainment. Tom didn’t want to be in front of the camera, so he is operating it.